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A bone breaking collaboration between Amon Amarth and combat sports legend, Josh ‘The Warmaster’ Barnett. 
War Materials is a premium fight wear which has been battle tested by professional mixed martial artists and developed for the beginner to elite warrior.

War Materials Shin Pads are the result of a collaboration between Victorious Merch, Amon Amarth, Josh “Warmaster” Barnett, and Adam Foster. The pads are designed for MMA fighters and offer superior protection and durability for any training or fight.The perfect combination of quality and comfort for any aspiring MMA champion.

Handcrafted and stitched using authentic cowhide leather - our shin guards are a true testament to the quality of War Materials. Designed to ‘move with you’, the layered pre-curved padding conforms to the shin’s curvature promising reduced budge, or shifting during those heated sparring sessions. The unique footplate sticks to the feet comfortably with no restriction to mobility. Most importantly the padding curvature encompasses the foot to provide protection against calf kicks too. Sleek in design, and dense on the padding, these versatile shin guards are ideal for MMA, Muay Thai or general kickboxing. 

Material: Cowhide leather build throughout the shin guards promises long-life and durability

Padding: Dense polyethylene padding focuses on the center line of the shin where most injuries occur while the pre-curved padding shields against calf kicks. The curvature is designed to ‘move with you’.

Footplate: Conforms to foot movement with zero compromise in foot-mobility. Our sizes also reduce common toe injuries generally faced by kick-heavy strikers.

Inner: 4-way stretch micro polyester lining offers both sweat-wicking ability and breathability.

Strap: Inverted twin straps lock with ease and comfort. Simply strap on wage war.

Footplate strap: Medium taut stretch keeps the footplate sticking to your foot with comfort.

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